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Welcome to our Support Community

  • The Hawthorne Cancer Foundation
  • The Hawthorne Cancer Foundation

The Hawthorne Cancer Foundation's sole purpose is to serve the needs of those battling cancer and walk with them in their time of need. Whether it be emotional, physical, or financial, we are there for you and your family.

It is our belief that staying connected to a support community during difficult times in life enhances, and likely increases the speed of recovery and helps bring life back into balance.

It is with this in mind that the Hawthorne Cancer Foundation has elected to provide links to helpful resources outside of The Hawthorne. Please explore all that is available within our community and reach out to them as needed.

Blessings to all those in need.


Steve Thornton

Executive Director

Hawthorne Cancer Foundation

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Share Your Song 

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Tricia Walker is a singer /songwriter whose songs are steeped in the American South's passion, pain, and grace. Born and raised in Mississippi, Tricia has become one of her own time and place's clearest voices. Her music has been recorded by Faith Hill, Patty Loveless, and Alison Krauss, whose performance of Tricia’s, Looking In The Eyes of Love earned a Grammy.


A recording artist herself, Tricia’s CD, The Heart Of Dixie, thoughtfully captures the songwriter’s view of the South with well-placed lyrics and music reflecting her folk, R & B, and storytelling influences. In 2008 she debuted her Upon A Christmas Eve CD of some original, something old and something new…a holiday treasure for sure.


Tricia is the former Director of the Delta Music Institute at Delta State University. She spent over 25 years in Nashville as an award-winning singer/songwriter, publisher, and producer. She helped found “Women In The Round,” one of the stellar songwriting showcases featured the famous Bluebird Café. She is the owner of Big Front Porch Productions in Cleveland, Mississippi.

Tricia has become a friend to cancer Survivors through her nationally known song, What A Wonderful Day! We proudly welcome our dear friend Tricia to The Hawthorne and to Richmond!

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