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Advance directives are documents that state your choices about medical treatment or name someone to make decisions about your medical treatment, if you are unable to make these decisions yourself. They are called "advance" directives because they are signed in advance to let your doctor and other health care providers know your wishes concerning medical care.



Because the advance directive laws are different for each state, PMR has created an individual book for each state and the District of Columbia. PMR tracks all state and federal laws that relate to advance directives and updates each book when the law changes.

Furthermore, many states have been published in other languages such as Spanish, Haitian Creole and Vietnamese. Click here for the selection of books and languages.


To make these difficult issues easier to understand, we have presented the information in the form of questions and answers. These pages explain your right to make health care decisions in your state and also help you to fill out the forms that are necessary to express your rights. Click here to learn more about your Rights to Health Care Choices.


Each booklet contains the current and legally correct forms for your state. You do not need a lawyer to fill out these forms.  Our books explain many of the details that you need to fill out the forms, including such items as notarization, witnessing procedures and people who cannot be appointed to important health care positions for you.


Our company will help you create other customized documents such as privacy notices, newsletters or patient information materials. Contact of office for more information.


To order 1-49 advance directive books click here.

To order 50 or more advance directive books, click here.

To order mental health advance directive books, click here.

To order wallet cards, click here.

To order POLST forms, click here.

Your order will be processed within 24 hours of receipt , to arrive with in 2-5 business days.

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CancerLINC is a Central Virginia based non-profit that connects cancer patients and their families with legal assistance, financial and community resources.


Our staff and vast network of attorneys and financial professionals work daily to ensure that no cancer patient goes without necessary support services.

Our Mission

CancerLINC eases the burden of cancer by providing assistance, education, and referral to legal resources, financial guidance, and community services.

Our Vision

A community where no cancer patient goes without needed support services.


Where We Serve

CancerLINC serves cancer patients across Central Virginia, including any patient receiving treatment through a Richmond area cancer care group or facility.    In our most recent fiscal year, CancerLINC helped 401 patients and their families with 486 legal and financial issues.  Approximately 65% of these patients live below the Federally-defined poverty level, making them eligible to receive pro bono services from at least one of the more than 150 skilled and compassionate CancerLINC volunteer professionals.  We are unique. To our knowledge, there is no other organization in the Commonwealth like CancerLINC.

Our Name

You may have noticed that LINC, the Legal Information Network for Cancer is now CancerLINC.  CancerLINC does so much more than assist with legal challenges for our clients, so we changed our name.  We also help with financial consulting, and we connect our clients to other much needed resources.


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