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ReVital Cancer Rehabilitation


Specialized therapy for relief and recovery from cancer and its treatment


ReVital Cancer Rehabilitation focuses on helping individuals with cancer, and those in recovery, live better lives.


ReVital's highly trained therapists lead a specialized rehabilitation program that helps manage the side effects of cancer and its treatment.


Up to 90 percent of those receiving cancer treatment have at least one side effect. The most common side effects include pain, fatigue, brain fog and difficulty moving.


Yet less than 10 percent of these people get help for their symptoms.


ReVital Cancer Rehabilitation is changing that statistic


The ReVital team know what coping with cancer looks like and feels like. They know from the success of their program that cancer rehabilitation helps restore the mind, body and overall well-being.


At ReVital, cancer rehabilitation focuses on all these things. Their program concentrates on three critical phases of the cancer journey:


· At diagnosis, before cancer surgery or treatment

· During cancer treatment

· Post-treatment and survivorship


They are committed to helping people stay active and independent at each stage of the cancer journey. They achieve this by developing treatment plans unique to each person to meet their needs and goals.


This approach - treating the whole person – helps speed recovery and promote quality of life.


“The ReVital program has done more than treat my symptoms – the team has given me a new appreciation for my body and my health, and they have shown me a path to wellness. I am healthier than when I received my diagnosis two years ago. I know I’m not limited by my cancer treatment or anything else! I am not just surviving – I am thriving!” – Ami C., ReVital Cancer Rehabilitation Patient


The uniquely trained professionals at ReVital Cancer Rehabilitation can help with:


· Balance and coordination

· Memory and brain fog

· Bowel and bladder function

· Depression and anxiety

· Eating and swallowing disorders

· Exercise modification

· Increasing strength, mobility and function

· Joint stiffness

· Numbness and tingling

· Pain

· Physical and emotional well being

· Sexual dysfunction

· Swelling

· Weakness


Whether it’s before treatment or years after treatment ends, rehabilitation can be effective in helping with any long-term or late-appearing side effects. Cancer rehabilitation supports your recovery at any point in your cancer journey.


Interested in working with a ReVital therapist? Check here to find a convenient location near you: [link to Locations]


Click here to hear from more patients about the benefits of Cancer Rehabilitation. OP ReVital Video Patient Montage






Erica Steuernagel, PT, DPT, CLT, COMT

ReVital Program Director- Virginia/Select Physical Therapy


6910 Richmond Hwy, Suite 100

Alexandria, VA 22306

Ph: 703-765-7700 F: 703-765-7712



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Jamison Chiropractic Services
Improving health through chiropractic and education.


Jamison Family Chiropractic is a family-friendly office located in Richmond, VA.  Drew Jamison DC provides chiropractic care for people of all ages.  Drew prides himself in creating a friendly, open, honest environment so you can be comfortable.

Jamison Family Chiropractic is a fully equipped chiropractic office that’s led by Drew Jamison who has advanced training in a wide range of specialties. Located in the Bon Air area of Richmond, VA.  Jamison Family Chiropractic serves patients from RVA and its surrounding communities.

Drew Jamison DC specializes in taking a whole-person approach to health and wellness, operating from the philosophy that quality health care goes far deeper than simply soothing a patient’s symptoms. Jamison Family Chiropractic offers monthly memberships for individuals and families to make regular chiropractic care affordable.

Jamison Family Chiropractic is conveniently located in Bon Air on the corner of Forest Hill Ave. and Huguenot Rd, at 9019 Forest Hill Ave Ste 2B, Richmond, VA 23235.

For more info, call 804-432-1494, email

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