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  • The Hawthorne Cancer Foundation


21 years on June 10th : 2nd Stage Colon Cancer

Even though it was a traumatic experience the day I was diagnosed, cancer has blessed me beyond my comprehension in the beginning. My life has changed because of the many cancer survivor relationships and events that have influenced my thinking and actions.  Grateful!


19 years : Breast Cancer with Bone Mets

It is is a day of gratitude that life can continue with this disease.


12 years  (almost) : Breast Cancer 

I am very lucky to still be here!


2 years Cancer Free : Breast Cancer.  

Cancer Survivors Day reminds me of the warriors I’ve met and the warrior I am. It reminds me to always find gratitude because all didn’t survive. It reminds me of the days I wondered if I would make it, yet here I am. It reminds me that God still has a purpose for my life...


10 months : Breast Cancer 

You are not alone! Robin makes your first day of joining the support group feel like you are already family.  Bonding friendships FOREVER!!


3 years, 6 months : Triple Negative Breast Cancer  

I am so thankful to the good Lord to still be alive, and to all of my doctors and nurses for saving my life and who continue to take excellent care of me.  Cancer is a journey that doesn’t end.  I am so appreciative of my cancer social workers, Robin and Sandra who are there for me whenever I need them. All of the cancer workers are such very special and caring individuals, and I thank God for each one, the lymphedema therapists that help with the pain, and the nutritionist Erin who teaches us how to eat correctly. I am so blessed.


1 year this month : Breast Cancer

Cancer Survivors. Day means Life to me.  One year ago, I thought that my life was over.  But it was not.  Joining the support group made me see that I too could not only survive,  but I could flourish with the help of my new friends.   Thank you all for your love and support. 


Almost 5 years : Breast Cancer 

Grateful to be around to share my life with my loved ones, adult children who are amazing, grandchildren who are awesome, my beloved husband and my rock, and also my Hawthorne Support Group Friends.  Praise God!


5 years, 4 months : Breast Cancer 

Thankful for a renewed appreciation of life, family and the little things that make each day a blessing. This day is a also reminder for me not to take for granted being healthy and reflect on the all the wonderful people I have met along this cancer journey. 


5 years : Breast Cancer  

I am officially in remission now. It feels like a a liberation. Cancer is one of those diseases that the treatment is almost as bad as the disease. So as difficult as it was I am so glad that I stuck with treatment even on days that it felt impossible. So if you are newly diagnosed your best friend is HOPE!


1 year : Breast Cancer 

I'm thankful for finding a group of strong women, whom I could be open, raw and totally honest about all I was/am feeling.


21. 5 years  survivor: Recurring Prostate Cancer  

The Cancer Survivor Day is a unique day to celebrate with fellow survivors and family & friends our survival from this terrible disease. There is food, music dancing and fellowship in our beautiful Survivors Garden. It also is a time for thanking God for the medical personnel that keep learning more each year to help keep us alive and well.


Diagnosed in March 2020 : Triple Negative Breast Cancer 

Because of this support group and all the wonderful people at JWH who have taken excellent care of me, I know that I will be a survivor.  Cancer's presence in my body is a temporary situation...this too shall pass.


7 years Breast Cancer, 6 months Kidney Cancer  

Cancer survivor day is a day to celebrate all of us who have fought cancer and are now surviving. We are all stronger than we thought because of the physical and mental battles we have endured and overcome.


8 years : Breast Cancer  

Cancer Survivors Day is important because it shows people that they're not alone in what they're going through and that so many others are surviving and thriving despite cancer.  It gives people hope!


6 months : Prostate Cancer 

Cancer Survivors Day reminds me how truly blessed I am. Many thanks to all of the beautiful people who have come into my life as a result of this experience.   


4 years : Ovarian Cancer  

Feel so blessed to be celebrating Survivors Day!


1 month : Breast Cancer  

Staying positive and having the best support system has seen me thru. 


2 years , 3 months : Breast Cancer  

I only look back to see how far I’ve come!


I have survived 3 1/2 years : I was Stage 1 Breast Cancer and Endometrial Cancer, 9 1/2 years  

 Keep up with your exams and stay positive!  Pray and believe in a higher power!


22 years, 7 months : Breast Cancer 

Every year I look forward to survivor day for fun and fellowship, for memories both good and not so good, for camaraderie, for smiles and seeing old friends. For me, these survivors are family. Of course, there’s good food & music for all. Thank you, Robin. Miss you, appreciate you, and love you more now than ever.


9 years Survivor : Breast Cancer

Survivor’s Day is a day I can get together with fellow survivors and just enjoy life. Nobody knows that kind of joy unless you’re truly a survivor. I will miss the chatting, dancing, laughing and eating this year. 


16 years, 2 months : Breast Cancer and Prostate Cancer  

I am grateful for the friends I have met over the years.  I am hopeful that I have somehow helped others on their travels through cancer.


Original diagnosis May 1998 (22 years) New cancer Sept. 2019 (9 months)

Breast Cancer

Cancer Survivors Day means to me hope. Hope that someday there will be a cure!


1st Cancer (40 years); 2nd Cancer 9 ½ years

Osteosarcoma 1980,   Pleomorphic Undifferentiated Soft Tissue Sarcoma 2010

Cancer Survivors Day is just a wonderful day to pause and be thankful for what I have in this moment and to acknowledge my feelings of gratitude for those special people who have supported and encouraged me along the way.  It is also a time to remember so many who left this world too soon whose lives touched and inspired me profoundly! 


2 years : Breast Cancer  

Survivor’s day is a day of thankfulness, reflection and rejoicing. 


9 ½ years

Diagnosed Stage 4A Cervical Cancer on Sept. 8, 2010. 

What does Survivor's Day mean to me? To begin with, it means I am a survivor, that despite the poor prognosis-6 months- I am alive and beat the odds. It means that every day I wake on this side of the ground (as my grandfather used to say) is a renewed opportunity for me to spread awareness about my disease and help others avoid traveling a similar path. It means a new opportunity to inspire those diagnosed to believe in themselves that they, too, can defeat the odds and achieve that which others (including doctors) may believe impossible. It also means that I can seize the opportunity to pursue my own dreams. As of three years ago, I returned to school and am entering my final year in achieving dual degrees in History and English, and doing so at the highest academic level. I strive to do everything to the best of my ability; no opportunity is going to waste. It is my wish that my for my children, as well as my youthful peers,  I exemplify the reality that dreams only die when we refuse to keep them alive, that it is never too late to pursue them, and that there are NO OBSTACLES too great to overcome if one remains committed and is willing to endure the challenges necessary to overcome them. All of this is what Survivor's Day means to me. 


20 years : Breast Cancer

A joyful and uplifting day to celebrate with others who also have survived cancer.


19+ years : Breast Cancer  

Survivor's Day meant meeting new friends and sharing my experience with them. It also gave me the opportunity to socialize with other volunteers on a personal level. Sorry this one had to be cancelled. 


September 2019 : Breast Cancer – HER2+ (Estrogen, Progesterone)

I am grateful that my body and my life are beginning to feel like my own again.  I have always been a “strong” and self-sufficient individual and did not reach for help easily.  But the emotions of my diagnosis and the fear of what lay ahead with chemo and treatment were too much to maneuver on my own.  The CJW support group provided a safe place to voice my fears and emotions and I found support for -whatever I was feeling and reminded me of all I had to be thankful for.  Thank you!!!


10 years : Prostate Cancer.  

To me, Survivors’ Day means community, connection, strength, smiles, hugs—when it’s safe to do so –, and tasty food. 


5 years : Breast Cancer  

Cancer truly teaches you to look at each day as a gift and not to sweat the small stuff!


20 years : Breast Cancer.  

My family and I  always look forward to Survivors Day when we celebrate my journey and remember our friends who are no longer here.  We dance on our bricks and hug our friends.   It is a day to be grateful for each new day and hope for a cure.


8 years, 5 months : Ovarian Cancer 

To me Survivor Day means being thankful and blessed, to have been diagnosed in Richmond, VA.  My doctors, hospital (Johnston-Willis), and our support group at the "The Hawthorne Cancer Resource Center", led by Robin Yoder, supported and kept my husband Rick and I positive through the most difficult time in our lives. 


2 years : Breast Cancer 

I was only one year free at last year's survivor day.  Not sure I should be there...many were many years out!  I needed that!  It gave me hope that just maybe God will give me that strength to be a "many years" survivor so I can give the hope I found at survivor day to another person who needs that support and encouragement!  No matter how well you accept a cancer diagnosis, the fear is always with you.  This group showed me that regardless of that fear, I am allowed to live my life to the fullest!


6 years : Bladder, Prostate, Lung Cancer 

Survivors Day serves as an example that with great medical people and an attitude of surviving and GOD'S help, we CAN beat it.


7 years , 10 months : Breast Cancer 

 I live to see another day of  Celebration


5 years : Esophageal Cancer 

Cancer survivor's day is a great day to recognize what I am able to do and how much I will enjoy doing it. Any day I am able to live in the day is a great day.  I also get to spend some wonderful time with the awesome friends that have been brought into my life by The Hawthorne Center and cancer.  These friends have been a huge part of my recovery both physical and mental.  I cannot imagine not having them in my life.


2015, Cancer has been in remission for over two years  : Lung Cancer 

Cancer Survivors Day is a time to just stop and give thanks. The first Survivors day I attended, I was in treatment.  Being with those attending gave me so much hope and the courage to go on.   I learned how to appreciate each day and not take life for granted.  Just live each day to the fullest!!


4 years : Breast Cancer 

This day means I can continue to share my story and let people know they aren’t alone.


11 years : Breast Cancer (2009)

I made it!!!


30 years, 3 1/2 months : Non Hodgkins Lymphoma

Survivors' Day is a time to celebrate the time we have survived, and acknowledge and celebrate the people who have helped us along the way.  At this time we also remember those who are no longer with us in body, but ever-present in spirit.


Diagnosed October 2019, 8 months : Invasive Ductal Carcinoma Breast Cancer


Lymphoma 26 years, Cervical 24 years, Endometrial 21 years, Lymphoma. Cervical. Endometrial.

I could write for 26 more years my appreciation to the Cancer Support Group at Johnson Willis and to Robin. Robin gave me a fighting spirit so I beat the "less than 50%" survival odds!  Johnson Willis provided a place for me to go, every week {for even decades after}, to share the ups and the downs.


6 years : Ovarian Cancer

Very blessed to have wonderful people in my life-family, nurses, coworkers and church!


2 years, 7 months : Breast Cancer

Survivors Day mean to me a time to celebrate life! I am grateful to be here and for all the support and encouragement that I received along the way.


9 years : Breast Cancer

National Survivor’s Day serves as a reminder of how thankful I am for each day and for all of the wonderful people that cancer brought into my life. 


4 years, 6 months : Breast Cancer (2014-2017)

It’s wonderful to be able to gather with fellow survivors and be inspired by their journeys while celebrating life with fun, friends, and good food!


Late 2018 : Breast Cancer 

What does Survivors Day means to me? Good question! I have been exceedingly careful during  coronavirus because I want to be a survivor;  I take long walks every day, practice online yoga for cancer patients and survivors, pray, reflect, redesign priorities, eat nutritiously and appreciate the good--great or small. Thus, my life has been enriched in my healing journey. 


2 years, 4 months :  Breast ER/PR Positive 

Cancer Survivors Day presents an opportunity for me to celebrate life with other amazing people who are also winning their fight against the destruction of cancer! It’s a day when we get to stand in one accord to honor one another in unconditional love!! 

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