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Humanitarian Award given to Linda T. Caruthers

Humanitarian Award given to Linda T. Caruthers

K Kathryn Helen Geranios

Linda Tsironis Caruthers, Founder of Pink Chair Project RVA, is pictured here with her priest, Rev. Protopresbyter Nicholas G. Bacalis.

Linda was honored on Sunday, January 7, 2024, at the special service commemorating Saint Basil at Richmond’s Sts. Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Cathedral. Linda is the 2023-2024 recipient of the St. Paul Humanitarian Award endowed by Dr. Paul Rubis and named accordingly. 

A deeply spiritual woman, Linda received this recognition for her voluntary efforts to help many persons and families in the church and the community. For Linda, the recognition took place on an important Sunday in her church. Contingent with the service of St. Basil, followed by a parish celebration, the Cathedral also commemorated the Theophany of Christ Jesus and the Feast Day of Prophet, Forerunner, and Baptist, John.  

Linda's manifold talent for giving to others is noted by her offering quality-of-life financial and health-based information that has helped many make their own informed decisions. Linda's investment of time giving dignity and information to others has instilled an inspiring example of caring.

Through Linda's efforts, the Cathedral also recognized Pink Chair Project RVA as one of the honored charities at last year's Greek Festival. 

--Kathryn Helen Geranios

Linda T. Caruthers

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