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Get Ready for Some Fun! Greek Festival June 1-4 2023. Bring Family and Friends!

After a three-year hiatus, the much-anticipated-and-heralded Richmond Greek Festival returns to Saints Constantine and Helen Cathedral, 30 Malvern Avenue, this June 1-4. The good news is the Greek Festival Charities Committee has recognized Pink Chair Project RVA as one of this year’s leading charities in the greater Richmond community.

In a letter addressed to founder Linda T. Caruthers, the announcement reads, Pink Chair Project RVA has been chosen as a recipient of a $5,000 donation from our 2023 Greek Festival.”

Pink Chair Project RVA volunteers are scheduled to greet the public at information tables at the Greek Festival on Saturday, June 3rd beginning at 11:00 am. Come, and visit us!

Considering the expected massive crowds attending the Richmond Greek Festival, we know the exposure will give the public the opportunity to know about both the Pink Chair RVA and The Hawthorne Cancer Foundation, the nonprofit of which the Pink Chair RVA is fortunate to be a part. The check for the Pink Chair Project RVA will be presented at approximately 7:00 pm.

This recognition is huge. In their letter, the Greek Festival Charities Committee added an endearing expression of special appreciation to Linda, “We admire the work you do in our community and are pleased that we can offer our support.”

Please share widely with your followers, families, and friends of the Pink Chair Project RVA/The Hawthorne. Consider being a volunteer on Saturday, June 3rd. We need you.

We look forward to Saturday, June 3rd, culminating with the presentation of the donation check. Thank you for your support. Follow our logo and the uplifting words, “Providing Sanctuary and Inspiring Hope”.

We are pleased and thankful that the Greek Festival Charities Committee has recognized the contributions of Pink Chair Project RVA. We look forward to being afforded a wider platform to raise awareness about breast cancer awareness and the contributions of our nonprofit.

The gifting of the electronic remote-controlled recliners continues to reach far beyond the recipients; testaments of appreciation to us by families and friends have produced a monumental impact on our mission to serve and inspire others to lovingly support and persevere through tumultuous times and recovery. They, too, share the healing journey.

For more information about this year’s Greek Festival, see

To participate as a volunteer for this or any of our events or be a sponsor for the Pink Chair Project RVA, see

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