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Something you may not know...

We all can imagine how difficult it must be to battle cancer. However, few understand the true impact a cancer diagnosis has on life unless you have personally been there.

When one's life is turned upside down and it's understood they are in for a long battle, family and friends are typically there to provide love, care, and emotional support. This is how it should be.

Once the initial shock is over, much of the support structure wanes as people fade back to their normal lives leaving voids to be filled by others outside one's circle-of-influence.

This is where the cancer community must step in. The very first obstacle many patients face is getting to their appointments for treatment. If they are not treated, it is difficult to be healed.

Very little is needed to make a huge impact here. The Hawthorne Cancer Foundation provides gas cards to those who need transportation assistance. We can only give what is given, so please, do your part.

Start by donating one or more gift cards at $25 each.

Thank you!

God Bless

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