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Pink Chair Project RVA - Quilt Raffle

The winner of the quilt will be chosen at our annual fundraising event to be held October 10th, 2023 (time TBD) at the River City Roll, 939 Myers St, Richmond, VA 23230

The quilt size is approximately 88x88" (fits a queen-size bed) and is made from 100% cotton fabric and batting. This quilt was made by Debbie Marcussen, a member of "From the Heart Stitchers"

Thank you for your support!

WE WANT YOU TO KNOW YOU ARE NOT ALONE... We want you to know you are not alone. We are committed individuals helping women recover from breast cancer surgery. Our goal is to provide you with a chair that will help you sleep while you recover and cannot lay flat in a bed. Our idea to provide electric recliners in Virginia came from a mastectomy patient, and our leader, Linda Caruthers. With support from the Hawthorne Cancer Center at Johnston Willis Hospital, the idea became a reality.

OUR VALUES Our Mission and Vision Statements reflect the values and aspirations of The Hawthorne Cancer Foundation [501 C 3] and the Sarah Cannon Cancer Institute at Johnston-Willis Hospital, supported by a network of community resources. We strive to join the oncology community of Central Virginia, empowering breast cancer patients with a private space of their own while healing at home with dignity and caring.

MISSION STATEMENT To grant electric remote-controlled chairs for post-surgery breast cancer patients to heal in comfort.

VISION STATEMENT Easing the burdens of breast cancer patients with the chair as a healing tool, we aspire to motivate each user with a sense of well-being and being cared for during recovery.

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