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Will you do your part?

It can be difficult to choose the best option for giving. I get it, but when I give, I base my gift on the overall impact it will have in my local community. Large organizations are top heavy and so much of your gift is absorbed by their overhead. They are impactful, but not at the level a small nonprofit can be with less overhead. It is very important to support your local nonprofit organizations who have a close relationship with potential recipients of your helping hand.

Please consider increasing your gifting budget to include small nonprofits in your local community like the Hawthorne Cancer Foundation. We appreciate your gifts, and I can assure you, the majority of all resources are returned to the cancer community in the form of financial grants, patient transportation support, education and emotional support, and other supportive programs such as the Pink Chair Project RVA.

Make a difference, give today!

Steve Thornton

Executive Director

Hawthorne Cancer Foundation

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