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Update : Robin Yoder's Fall Challenge

My first $2500 will be matched at 100%! Help me get to that $5000 goad and beyond!

Please support my fundraising efforts of a symbolic walk on the Virginia Capital Trail from Jamestown to Richmond. I have decided to stretch this activity out over two weekends so that more people can get involved and walk with me. I will be starting in Jamestown on October 22 and will be walking that Saturday and Sunday, October 23 the first weekend with a goal of making it to Charles City Courthouse Sunday, October 23 where there is a very nice welcoming center. If everything goes as planned, my starting point Friday morning October 28 will be Charles City County Courthouse. You will have to check my personal Facebook page (Robin Yoder) or The Hawthorne's Facebook Page to get live updates to check my progress on Friday, October 28, Saturday, October 29, and Sunday, October 30 (52 miles). And, if ALL goes as planned, I will hopefully be making my way into Richmond (Dock Street) sometime before sunset on Sunday, October 30 walking "in honor" and "in memory" of those whose lives have been touched by cancer and whose lives have profoundly touched mine. My fundraiser is in support of The Hawthorne Cancer Foundation's transportation fund where assistance is provided to help those cancer patients in the Richmond Metropolitan area in need, to ensure they can get to their treatments without obstacles or barriers.

It will be a challenge for me for sure...but never more than the day I stood for the first time and realized my life had changed forever because of cancer.

I invite YOU to walk segments with me and together explore to beauty along the trail that will for sure be spectacular! Check my site frequently as information and details about my walk will be updated regularly!

Please contribute and be part of the change for someone in need here in Richmond!

With gratitude,

Robin Yoder

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