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The Hawthorne Cancer Foundation - Fall Challenge on the Virginia Capital Trail

The Hawthorne Cancer Foundation is delighted to unveil our annual fundraising campaign for our discretionary fund, a vital resource that plays a crucial role in supporting our transportation program. This program, in particular, provides essential assistance to patients grappling with challenges related to commuting to and from their cancer treatments, offering gas cards as a practical solution.

Our target is to secure a total of $25,000, and we are counting on your support to help us achieve this milestone. The current surge in gas prices has posed a critical challenge that demands immediate attention, yet it remains largely unaddressed in public discourse. It is imperative that we bridge this gap to ensure that our patients can access the essential cancer treatments they require as courageous survivors.

We urge you to begin spreading the word among your family and friends, as our initiative is scheduled to run from September 2023 through March 2024. We have extended the timeline to accommodate Robin Yoder's recovery from her recent knee surgery, ensuring the seamless continuation of our efforts.

Spread the Word!

2023 Robin-VA Cap Trail-091323
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