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The Hawthorne Cancer Center Love Our Volunteers

We give many thanks to two of our family of volunteers, Lea Wyche and Melody Gray, and of course Moses, for their dedication and support of the Hawthorne Cancer Center, located within the Johnston Willis Hospital.

Lea and Mel explain what a typical day looks like volunteering at the Hawthorne Center. This is a snapshot of what you should expect when you decide to become a volunteer. What better way to give back to the community and love a few people in the process.

We had a very busy and eventful day at the Hawthorne, even though we were only there for a little over three hours. During this time of COVID, donations of hats, scarves, gloves and other items, have continued to come into the Hawthorne. We bagged these items, so they could be easily found and given to patients. The Hawthorne has also received small pillows and "arm pillows" and cushions to put on seat belts, Some of these were also given to patients, and we were able to hand out "goody bags." We had eight patients and visitors come in while we were there Wednesday. It was nice to be able to have casual conversations with the visitors, and give them information, and some items to hopefully make their "cancer journeys" a little easier.

In addition, we re-arranged, cleaned and labeled wigs when the conference room was available. We miss seeing all of you and hope that you will return to volunteer real soon.

There is plenty to be done, so you won't be bored!

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