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Racing for Cancer Support

If you are a local racing enthusiast then you may remember the enjoyment found at the Southside Speedway and other local tracks, either watching or participating in the racing events. Many remember Richard "RICK" Hensley (1950-2015) and Raymond E. Pembelton (1921-1981). Following in their footsteps is Edward "Pudgy" Pembelton, Raymond's Son.

As you all know, Cancer is a terrible disease that has impacted countless lives. Linda Pembelton, Edwards's wife is fighting the battle now and she is a real survivor. Edward wants to do his part and help the local cancer community by way of The Hawthorne Cancer Foundation, located in N. Chesterfield, Virginia.

The way Edward wants to give back is by sharing his love for racing and his race car with fans throughout Virginia. When you see this beautiful car pull up you will also see the Hawthorne Cancer Foundation logo proudly displayed. This is your opportunity to do your part in supporting Linda and other cancer survivors in your local area.

Thank You and God Bless!

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