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Momma Duck has returned to the Hawthorne Patio

Last Spring during the shutdown, one of the bright spots for us in the cancer center was a duck who wisely selected the weed infested planter on our patio (outside The Hawthorne Cancer Resource Center) to nest. Every single day we saw to it that she was safe. We alerted the grounds crew and other employees who would eat on the patio so that she wouldn’t be disturbed or startled. We watched her on rainy days and worried about her on chilly nights marveling at nature at work as she endured unkind weather and eventually heat. And after 32 days, 6 of her 9 eggs hatched. A co-worker and I followed her that morning as she led her 6 ducklings across the parking lot to the spillway by the MOB to water. We stopped traffic seeing to it that they made it safely. She was a bright spot for us during a tough time here at the hospital. I am happy to report that she HAS returned and has nested under the bench right outside of my window. We need to look out for her again to give her the safety that she needs at this time.


Mother Duck
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Billy Lambrinides
Billy Lambrinides
Mar 26, 2022

This is incredible, and inspiring. What a great start to the season!

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