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Mindful Navigation - A new service to our community.

I would like to welcome Martha Rouleau, Founder of Mindful Navigation, to our local community. Martha’s passion is to support others as they cultivate a deeper and compassionate relationship with mind and body on the path to living a whole hearted life. Above all else, Martha believes in everyone’s innate capacity to tap into their inner compass, as they navigate life with focus, clarity, and presence.​

Qualified Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Teacher + Public School Administrator + Public School Teacher + Mindfulness Facilitator + Mindfulness Presenter + Mindfulness Practitioner + Yoga Instructor and Practitioner

Why Mindfulness?

Since the 1970's, data collected through thousands of research studies indicate the tremendous benefits of mindfulness to enhance well-being. Studies done internationally, at medical schools, universities, and national organizations such as the National Institute of Health, have found evidence that the cultivation of mindfulness skills can provide steadiness in the midst of managing internal and external experiences that show up expectedly or unexpectedly in life.

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