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Living Well Beyond Cancer Series

We invite you and your community who may have been impacted by cancer to join the ReVital Cancer Rehabilitation team for an information-packed virtual seminar with our expert panel, including Dr. Stubblefield, Dr. Schmitz, and ReVital-certified therapists. They will explore the impacts of cancer-related fatigue (CRF) and discuss strategies to manage and overcome the challenges of it to allow you to do things you enjoy most. 


Attendees will walk away from this session knowing: 

  • What CRF is and how it differs from normal fatigue. 

  • The medical management of CRF and how cancer rehab can help. 

  • How exercise and posture can improve CRF. 

  • Effective sleep and energy conversation strategies for CRF. 

  • The role cognitive rehab plays in managing CRF.  


We look forward to having you and your members join us.  



Best regards, 


Erica Steuernagel, PT, DPT, CLT, COMT

ReVital Program Director-Virginia

Revital Cancer Rehabilitation & Select Physical Therapy


To Schedule a Referral with a ReVital Cancer Rehab Specialist

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Alexandria, VA 22306

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