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It starts with your first step, followed by a second, and so on... the mind dictates your last!

The Hawthorne Cancer Foundation Fall Challenge on the VA Capital Trail I love everything about this picture. It's raw and reflective and gritty. It's very "present", very "past" and very "future".

It was one of the rare moments that I needed to stop so I did and I gave myself a moment to take in a few things. For starters to acknowledge that I had actually walked 45 miles at that exact spot and had very few if any, physical effects other than hunger! (LOL). It was a personal reflective moment too, of past and present. There was so much beauty all around me in the grace of the colors of nature on full display....that in itself was completely stimulating. But I was also surrounded literally and figuratively by the caring presence of the people who were literally walking with me and those of you who followed along sending me encouraging messages. And then it's those ribbons....displaying the names of so many special people...cancer patients, family, and friends who have at some point in time entered my world and made a difference to me. Some are no longer humanly on this earth but their spirit swung freely back and forth from the clip off my backpack with each of the unrhythmic swaggers of my unique gait. Not so long ago, I would have never imagined the possibility of me walking any distance much less from Jamestown to Richmond but I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was for me. When I think about those really "hard" moments from my past....some are very visual and have been written about a lot, and you can come to your own assumptions about many and then there are the unspoken/ unwritten about other "hard" more private overwhelms me really and amazes me to a degree to think about it... all the colors of my life lived and to take it all in, in that singular moment of pause. Looking ahead I still have a ways to go but I will. And I will do it for myself because I me. And will do it for others who for whatever reason can't. Because they matter to me. And I will keep doing and living because I can ..... because it all matters me! If you made it to this point, thank you for hanging with me. Here are some fun facts. In 5 days I walked 137,938 Steps! That's a lot of freaking steps!!! 😀 In 5 days I walked 66.31 miles 😂 longer than the VA Capital Trail. I never peed in the woods!!! 😂 To date, I have raised just under $13,225 for The Hawthorne Cancer Foundation to help local cancer patients. My Fundraiser is open and will close on November 18.



Robin P. Yoder, MSW, LMSW, OSW-C

Licensed Master’s Social Worker

Oncology Social Worker

Co-Founder The Hawthorne Cancer Resource Center


Sarah Cannon Cancer Institute

at Johnston Willis Hospital

1401 Johnston Willis Drive

Richmond, VA 23235


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