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It's time to get back to screening!

There’s a common thread running through the Integrative Health programs offered this month – Lung Cancer. It’s the leading cause of cancer deaths for both men and women across the Commonwealth of Virginia, including the areas of the state known as Massey Cancer Center’s “catchment area.” February is National Cancer Prevention Month and in the words of the director of Massey Cancer Center, Dr. Robert Winn, “It’s time to get back to screening.” During the pandemic, cancer screening dipped dangerously low, as people were unable or reluctant to visit doctor’s offices and medical centers. To help us learn more, Dr. Mark Parker, Director of the Early Detection Lung Cancer Screening Program will be sharing the latest in screening for lung cancer. We’ve also invited Ryan Paris of the Virginia Department of Health to tell us about the “Dangers of Radon,” which when found in our homes (above certain levels), increases our risk of acquiring lung cancer. February is also National Black History Month and to honor this, we have included a rebroadcast of Massey Cancer Center’s webinar originally aired last October, “The Road to Health Equity.” African Americans are particularly at risk for cancer due to what Dr. Winn calls “their ZNA” or where they live and socioeconomic factors that accompany those zip codes. Learn what Massey is doing to address this by tuning in to “The Road to Health Equity.” Enjoy this month’s newsletter and the contributions from the many members of your Integrative Health team. Be safe, stay warm, and stay healthy. Susan Chandler, PhD, RN

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