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Help us raise money for the patients who need it most!

Me and My Father absolutely love the fall, love riding bikes, and love trying to help the community we serve. We participated in this fundraiser last year and absolutely loved it. We also took my son along, David Randolph III (4yo), and he couldn't get enough of it. We had an incredible time, made permanent memories, and raised a lot of money for the Hawthorne Cancer Foundation. As a result, we wanted to do it again this year. This year we even got him a tandem bike so he can help us pedal. Specifically, this fundraiser is in support of the Hawthorne Cancer Foundation transportation fund where assistance is provided to cancer patients to ensure they are capable of getting to their appointments so treatments can be administered as directed. Without financial assistance, whether it be via a gas card or transportation services, many patients would be unable to get the life-saving treatment they need. Please consider contributing to this wonderful cause and come join us on the Capital Trail! 


David I, II, and III

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