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Healing through Hope, Faith, and Family

In 2020 Covid hit us hard with news that scared us all. We all fear the unknown, how or when we ourselves would get this deadly disease. In May my family first lost my 32-year-old nephew Veasna So to a heart attack. This shattered us. Then in June, news of cancer revealed itself. It hit my 38-year-old baby brother Keo Sam. Eight months of not giving up and fighting hard to beat it. Then, Cancer spread to our mom in January 2021. Devastated, our family didn’t stop letting Cancer or Covid keep us from being together. My family and I came together for sleepovers, trips to the beach, lifting the wheelchair onto the beach, and attending many other family gatherings. Seeing the sunrises and sunsets together. we cried together, and we laughed together. We made more lasting memories as each day came closer to saying our long-feared goodbye. We cherished it all. We are blessed in the timing.

We as a family wanted to give back to those who are suffering. This is a reminder, please do not give up. Keep hope and faith alive. YOU ARE LOVED !!!

This care package was put together by a family who never gave up on life. We are giving back in remembrance of our loved ones. Our mom, Soeurn Uy and our brother, Keo Sam. We want to share our love and our prayers for healing for all. Stay strong and know you are not alone.


Soeurn Uy and Keo Sam ‘s Family

The Hawthorne Cancer Foundation would like to thank this beautiful family for their spirit of giving. These gifts will bring joy to the lives of many who are fighting their own challenges as they battle this horrific disease.

To continue life through giving, please consider donating on behalf of those who remain in the battle and in memory of those who have passed on to be with their maker.

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