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Get Excited! It's time to hit the Virginia Capital Trail!

The Hawthorne Cancer Foundation is excited to announce our end-of-year fundraising drive in support of our transportation program which provides gas cards to patients who are struggling to get to their cancer treatments.

Our goal is to raise $50,000 which will be designated for the patient transportation program. We need your help to meet our goal. Soaring gas prices have created a crisis that must be addressed but to date, not many are talking about it. We must fill this gap to help our patients get the cancer treatments they need as Survivors.

Spread the word to family and friends as we run the fundraiser from September through November. A perfect time to be outside in nature.


It’s Not a Race. It’s Not a Run. Grab your friends or come as one! Walk, skate jog, or bike, just cover the distance any way you like! Choose your distance and your day and support a good cause along the way! September-November you have plenty of days to make a big difference in a very small way! We will walk to help those who are in this fight, morning noon, day, or night. We’ll share some memories of special ones and celebrate when your walk is done!

The challenge is to complete all 51.7 miles of the Capital Trail whether all at once or a few miles at a time passing each mile marker between Jamestown and Richmond. If you are less competitive, just come out when you can and enjoy the fresh air on the Trail.

Dates: September-November | Cost: $30

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