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Brain Tumor Awareness Month - Bake Sale!

Shout out a big thanks to Denise Laine, Neuroscience Nurse Navigator who organized the Bake Sale to raise awareness of May being Brain Tumor Awareness month with proceeds supporting The Hawthorne Cancer Foundation.

Thanks to Cait Grasso, RN, Teresa Miller of Shuffletown Suites, and all the Bakers, Buyers, and both Johnston-Willis employees who made the day a huge success!!

Thanks to the Hawthorne Volunteers Melody Gray, Lea Wyche, and Moses. one of our wonderful Therapy Dogs. Check out Moses' big smile which is confirmation the Bake Sale was a huge success. Okay, in all honesty, maybe it was the dog treats that prompted the smile from Moses, either way, The Hawthorne Cancer Foundation thanks all who participated and gave their time and money towards benefiting those suffering from cancer.

The total receipts were $1,080. After careful consideration, The Hawthorne Cancer Foundation has leveraged these funds to purchase $1000 worth of gas cards to assist cancer patients with the ever-increasing cost of gas. It is absolutely critical we provide assistance towards the cost of transportation to and from treatments.

If you would like to continue supporting the transportation project, please click the following link to give. Transportation | The Hawthorne

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