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 You Can Help By...u

There are many ways you can help The Pink Chair Project succeed and support our chair recipients. 

1- Your monetary contribution. Please complete the donation form where you may donate using a credit card. 



A receipt will be provided for your donation for tax purposes.  Optionally, you may mail a check to 1401 Johnston Willis Drive, N. Chesterfield, VA 23235  | Attention: Linda Caruthers / Steve Thornton; Pink Chair Project RVA

2- We are always looking for volunteers. You may choose to: 

  • Help or organize an informational event

  • Help organize a fundraising event

  • Man telephones for call-in donation events

  • Distribute literature (brochures, flyers)

  • Act as a resource for chair recipients

  • Contact corporations and news media for donations and support

  • Compile goodie bags for chair recipients by finding items that will be useful for chair recipients. 

  • Provide transportation of bags to Cavalier Moving.

  • Be a Pink Chair RVA ambassador and cheerleader for all our recipients with cards and phone calls.

If you'd like to volunteer, please reach out to : 

Linda Caruthers, CSA, LTCP

804-306-0016 (Phone)


Contact Pink Chair Project RVA




Thanks for submitting!
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