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Today is the Day for Giving....Please Give Now!

There are so many ways to give back to your local community. Today is one of those days where giving is a tradition. Numerous great causes come to mind, but in my personal opinion, helping individuals and familes cope with cancer is paramount.

The Hawthorne Cancer Foundation is a small non-profit that provides for the needs of cancer survivors and their immediate families. We help by giving grants to cover basic expenses, travel services, and support groups to walk the journey together. We do not have large budgets for fundraising so we rely heavily on community awareness to fund our important programs. Please take a look at our grant program Grants | The Hawthorne Cancer Foundation and I think you will agree, we are standing in the gap during this most challenging time for our cancer community.

Will you do the same? Will you help us support those with immediate needs? Today is the day! What a wonderful way to impact the world!

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