Hours of Operation:

Monday   9am-5pm

Tuesday   9am-5pm 

Wednesday   9am-8pm 

Thursday    9am-4pm  

Friday   9am-3pm
Saturday-Sunday Closed
(Hours may vary based on volunteer availablility)  


Contact Information:

1401 Johnston-Willis Dr.  

Richmond, VA  23235

Phone:  804.330.2136

FAX:     804.330.2174

  Let's Say It In A Song--Tricia Walker--November 11, 2012 at 2pm--Holiday Inn Koger Center

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The Hawthorne Welcomes You!

Walk in the door of The Hawthorne and be greeted by a volunteer who will make you feel at home in our cancer resource center.  The center, staffed by volunteers, is unique in Virginia in that it provides a single location in the metropolitan Richmond area for all cancer patients, their families and friends to gather to gain social and emotional support, as well as to receive extensive cancer education and resource materials.  Regardless of where you receive medical care, you can take advantage of the many resources and the comfortable surroundings of The Hawthorne.  If you have been touched by cancer, The Hawthorne has been created with you in mind.

Make Yourself Comfortable Here  


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